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Bangalore’s homegrown Café Coffee Day now faces real competition. Starbucks is launching in Bangalore by end of november. According to my sources they are opening store opposite to raheja arcade in koramangala, just 100 meters from forum mall.

Bangalore is eagerly awaiting the battle of the coffee chains. And it is going to be as epic a battle as the city has ever seen. On the one side is the namma Bengaluru homegrown chain, Café Coffee Day.

On the other is the world’s biggest coffee company and café chain, Starbucks. As

Starbucks store

Starbucks store

Starbucks prepares to surge into Café Coffee Day’s home ground, Bangalore, in the coming months with an explosion of cafés, Café Coffee Day already has the ground well covered.

Sources: Hoardings near ejipura signal and radiant advertising services.