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                                                                          The Politics of Desire



This is written without any grudge, agenda or prejudice. This is something spontaneous.

So, we are all in the throes of a political battle and we all have our STRONG opinions on who should be elected, blah, blue, blee.

As an Voter, I have learnt one deep lesson – that the best answers come when you ask WHY?

Now, let me do the honors: WHY are we rooting for the parties we are rooting for?

Note – I am not interested in the Who and When and Where and What – first let me get done with the WHY.

Why are we voting for who we are voting for?

Because, it is the ‘Politics of Desire’.

We all desire things. And when someone promises us what we desire, we like them.

Let me ask you a question:

Do you know why there are temples of MGR in Tamil Nadu? Not so much because he was a film star, but because he banned alcohol in the state while he was CM. That led to massive social rehabilitation and women claimed that “he was their true god” for saving their families from ruin. He was also ‘revered’ because of the mid-day meal he started.

Do you know why people of Andhra Pradesh believe Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao(NTR) as god and good leader of state ?

Do you know why people of Karnataka believe Shankar Nag and Dr. Rajkumar as god and icons of Kannada speaking people ?

Now, do you think MGR won votes from women voters because of anti-corruption or taking on Mr. Ambani or figuring out how masjids & temples were destroyed?

NO. He won because the people of Tamil Nadu wanted a better life and he gave it to them.

I call this the Politics of Desire.


– I am an entrepreneur and an opportunist. I really don’t care so much about some petty cost to be incurred here or there to do business. I really DESIRE to have a vibrant economy – a rising stock market – a country where VCs and Fortune 500 Companies come pouring in and fund and acquire me!

Honestly, I will vote for the party that delivers my desire!

– Now, I appreciate that there are lots and lots of professionals such as you, who are harassed everyday by corrupt policemen, government officials, bureaucratic babus and their cursed tribe. I assume that your DESIRE is to be freed of such nonsense and therefore you support a party that promises (big question?) zero corruption. I appreciate the reason who you will vote, when you vote!

Who will they vote for? Obviously the pragmatic, forward-looking, business positive Party that will make THEIR DESIRES come true.

– Now, how can we forget the Indian Bureaucrat? The fellows who like to mess things up; put their nose in everything; create obstacles that help keep them in their jobs and in power and of course ask for all kinds of favors in cash and kind in ‘performance fees’. What is their DESIRE?

To stay in power!!! They don’t give a damn about investors or about FDI in retail or about stock markets (or about the real costing structures of producing water & electricity)! They want to make sure that there is a 300-page rule book on sales tax so that they can mess your head. They wanna make that book 500 pages fatter!

Who will they vote for? THE MOST CORRUPT PARTY they can find!!

– Let’s turn to the Indian village. You may have read a recent and fascinating article in The Mint that revealed something very revealing. A well-known fund manager traveled across the villages of India to find out what the people there wanted; and what was their view of the emerging political scenario.

Well, guess what?

Many of the villages he covered have done exceedingly well in the past decade. They have electricity, water and some stuff that had not existed before. In short, their terrible lives of the past had just got better! When asked what they thought about politics, they were unfazed!

They just wanted status quo because their DESIRE was to keep what they have and preserve the good life!!! They had no clue about the Coal Scam or 7G Scam or the other scams! Their own life was a Scam that just got resolved!

They will obviously vote for the current party who has made them switch on a light bulb in their bathroom after squatting and **** in darkness for 45 years!

I can go on and on, but let me come to the central point:

India is not one India. It is many India’s, all ‘living together’. Each section of India and Indians have their own desires and they will vote accordingly. Desires are seldom swapped. They are personal. They are precious. They are what the heart wants – NOT what the brain tells us if we should have or have not.

Last but not the least, the What, Where, When and Who

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Who cares if a political party is emulating Kenyan style of Politics or unleashing the skills they have learnt in the Shaolin Temple. What has that got to do with WHY? 

In the end, here is my humble message:

Get smart; get focused. Figure out what you want and then try and get the Universe to help you get it. Political parties included or not.

Jai Hind.

Dedicated to all my fellow bloggers.