You have visited India for family occasions, festive holidays, romantic vacations, and pilgrimages. Why not give a twist to your travel taste, with road trips in India during the next visit? The road trips in India tick all the boxes – adventure, photography, nature and beauty – to rank at the top on your personal travel index. The geography of the country is crisscrossed by routes, short and long, for road trips in the coastal areas, mountainous regions, hilly terrains and the desert zone. Indian Eagle handpicks the following road trips for your travel plan in 2014. Each of these is a rollercoaster ride of fun and joy.

Mumbai to Goa

mumbai to goa road trip, best Indian road trips

The road trip from Mumbai to Goa is a favorite of bikers on weekends. This getaway to the beaches of Goa has been riding the waves of popularity since the Bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai, a story about three…

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