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This Christmas, the FAA gives you a chance to track where Santa is! click on the image above to see where he is right now. The FAA has taken all necessary steps to ensure Santa’s flight is uneventful, and safe, so that all “good boys and girls everywhere” may get the gifts they deserve. From Santa, of course.

New equipment, and a crew member, Amelia Elfhart (the spirit of Amelia Earhart?), who meets the mandatory 1500 hours on type, have been approved by the FAA.

The FAA stated, “Santa Claus, his elfin crew and the Santa One sleigh are GO for the annual round-the-world flight that will deliver presents to good boys and girls everywhere.”

“This is my first holiday season as Secretary of Transportation, and I feel a special responsibility to make sure Santa’s flight goes off without a hitch,” said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

According to…

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