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Life Out of the Box

Life Out of the Box fan photos. LOOTB. Alessandra Ambrosio.

Every day we get photos from our amazing LOOTB supporters repping their LOOTB bracelets and showing us how THEY live their Life Out of the Box. It makes us so happy to see all of these photos because they’re all so different and that’s what Life Out of the Box is all about. How do YOU define your ideal life? What are YOUR dreams? How are YOU going to change the world? With Life Out of the Box, our goal is to inspire all of you wonderful people to go after your dreams, change the world and live your ideal life. Everyone’s definition of Life Out of the Box varies & it’s beautiful to visually see them all blended together in these photos. Below is a collage of the recent LOOTB Fan Photos we’ve received in the past months so that you all can see the many faces and places…

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