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Mothagam recipe - thengai pooranam kozhukattai - vella kozhukattaiMothagam - vella kozhukattai

Mothagam (Vella kozhukattai) recipe

Prep Time: 25 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins    |  Makes: 12


Rice flour (Ready made idiyappam flour) 1/2 cup
Sesame oil 1 tsp
Water As needed
Salt As needed

For coconut pooranam

Coconut 1 cup
Jaggery 1 cup minus 3 tblsp
Elachi 2


  1. For the dough, bring water to boil with a tsp of sesame oil and let it boil for a minute. Add it to the flour with salt and mix well. Use a spatula for mixing. You may need lots of water. So make sure you boil enough.5-ellu-kozhu
  2. After it becomes warm, knead to a smooth dough and keep covered. You can make equal sized balls and keep covered.6-ellu-kozhukattai
  3. For the thenga pooranam, place grated coconut jaggery and elachi powder in a pan, with 2 tblsp of water. Mix in medium flame for 5 minutes, when it starts leaving the sides of pan, switch off the flame.1-vella-kozhukatati
  4. Make small cups out of the dough, refer this VIDEO for learning how to shape the cup. Fill with the coconut pooranam.2-vella-kozhukattai
  5. Repeat and finish the kozhukattais and keep covered until steaming. Boil water in steamer and arrange the modaks in the steaming plate and cook for 5 mintues. Or until they are cooked.3-vella-kozhukattai


  • You can reduce jaggery quantity as needed to suit your taste. I used little less jaggery than mentioned as I dont like it too sweet. 
  • To get the outer layer soft, its important to boil water well for making the dough. Dough should be almost cooked with the hot water so that you get non sticky pliable dough.
  • If the dough is not cooked well, you may not be able to make the cups properly and will break while making.
  • To check if the kozhukattais are done, it will be shiny and changed in colour.
  • Do not over cook , it may give you rubbery and broken kozhukattais.
  • If you mix the stufiing in high flame or for more time than needed, then it may turn hard or brittle.

Its so soft and delcious, that you can pop one kozhukattai per mouth and enjoy!