Where are u Christmas #peace #key

Yessie Suniartie

This month – fair to say it’s been surreal for me. I can honestly say it’s the highest pressure month I have had on my job. It wasn’t anyone else who applied any pressure on me, but I do that myself. Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan! Beside job there’s some errors in relationships. So many questions buzzing in my mind but sometimes there’s no answer. Well it’s really emotional times. There doesn’t seem to be the normal optimism of summer and life become like a roller coaster ride with ups and downs and curves and loops!

But…. Life goes on, time to cheers me up! And I cannot believe September is going to be here in 24 hours. Where is the time going? Flying too fast! September, October, November and December will also fly by. December….. Somehow I miss the Christmas even though it’s still 4 moths…

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