Rock Cut Caves of Ajanta & Ellora.

Life is a Vacation

AjantaThe rock cut caves of Ajanta and Ellora near Aurangabad, are testimony of the fascinating ancient art history of India. Declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1983, the cave monuments in Ajanta are a celebration of Buddhism where as nearby Ellora projects religious harmony.They stand tall after several centuries of exposure to the vagaries of nature and attract tourists from across the world. Each time I travel through the leaves of history, it is a humbling experience to discover the depth of art, talent and perfection that existed from times immemorial. I feel blessed to be born in this country.

AjantaLocated about 100 kms away from Aurangabad City, Ajanta Caves are carved out of a horseshoe rock. The 30 exotic rock cut caves were built in phases between 2nd century BC to 6th century AD and contain sculptures and paintings revolving around Jataka tales and contemporary life…

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