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This New Year let us go green by making eco-friendly resolutions rather than committing to impractical resolutions that are bound to get broken within less than a month’s time. Let us adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle and reduce the carbon footprint. Here are some ideas.

Use paper bags instead of plastic ones:

Give a start to your green resolution for the year by opting for paper bags instead of plastic bags. Teach the same to your kids and family members. Stores within the apartment complex should also stop distributing plastic bags and instead use paper or cloth/jute bags.

Going green with vegetation:

Do not fret about the lack of space in your apartment for gardening, instead plant vegetables in containers or create a small patch within the garden. Grow your favourite vegetables in your home garden. A number of people can take up community gardening in an apartment and stick to the resolution for the year. Take initiative and plant trees in your apartment as well.

Trim down energy consumption:

Get hold of energy efficient appliances. Let natural air come indoors and use the thermostat and fan only when required. Get rid of the fluorescent lights/chandeliers and get LED (light-emitting diode) lights which are energy saving and long lasting. If you stay in a colder region, caulk your windows and doors and avoid cooling of your home, as increased cooling means increased thermostat power. Turn of the lights and other appliances when not in use. Opt for solar generated outdoor lights.

Efficient use of water:

Think of ways to reuse water in your apartment. Ask your apartment authorities to install a sewage treatment plant. Avoid running the fast flow of water in your kitchen and bathroom and instead install low-flow showerheads, faucets and toilets. Install solar water heaters.

Avoid bottled water:

Start drinking filtered tap water instead of buying bottled water. Even if you prefer bottled water, ensure that the bottles are reusable/recyclable. Plastic bottles form a large amount of waste collected each day.


Recycle to the utmost:

Start collecting things in your apartment which can be recycled. Create awareness programmes within the society and appoint people to collect the recyclable items. Think of ways to recycle, reuse and repurpose objects in and around your apartment. For e.g. make use of the kitchen jars and kitchenware to plant trees and store waste. Do not forget to have a compost pit in your apartment.

Ride instead of driving:

Avoid driving to distances which can be reached on foot. Make it a point to cycle to your office at least on weekends. Make it a family resolution to drive less and carpool with your neighbours and friends.

Eco-friendly products and décor:

Dispose all the chemical based cleaning products and instead opt for eco-friendly cleansers. Contemporary concepts of eco-friendly furniture and decor are available in most of the outlets today. Get creative and make decorative out of used objects like jars, tins, etc.

Create an outdoor space:

Make efficient and minor usage of electricity by creating an interesting outdoor seating area. Start by installing a hammock and place few jute/cane seats and a table. This can be a grand recreational spot for you and your friends.

Efficient use of paper:

Save trees by making lesser usage of paper from magazines to books. Teach your children to value their books. Try and make your bill payments online which will help you save paper. Avoid buying too many magazines and books and instead lend the same books to your friends to read as well.

As the saying goes, every drop forms an ocean, so does every green living effort of yours save our planet. We hope that you meticulously follow your New Year green resolutions for the coming year.