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No need to stand in arduous queues to pay your property tax as now you can make the tax payment with just one click of a mouse. However not many of us are aware of the benefits of online property tax payment. Here are few details on how to pay your property tax online in Gurgaon.

Past synopsis of Gurgaon property tax payment:

In 2007, the chairman of Standing Committee of  Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) Vijender Gupta had announced that the property tax payment will be completely computerized in order to facilitate property owners to deposit their property tax online. In 2010, the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) came into effect and issued the new property tax bill for the first time. The officials had open options for residents to clarify any issues within a month after issuing the bill. The tax structure in Gurgaon colonies had been finalized and property owners had to pay tax as per the structure.

It was stated by the officials that the owners renting out their properties will have to pay 2.5 percent of the annual value as tax followed by owners of institutional and commercial properties who will pay 5 percent of annual value as tax. However for the convenience of property owners, details of the property tax payment were put up on the corporation’s website. A survey carried out by the 200 MCG staffers experienced a stiff resistance from the residents as it was a new tax. This further resulted in a delay.

This year in 2012, several residents in Gurgaon were baffled about the tax payment, when they received the house tax notice. The residents quoted that there were uncertainties about the procedure. As per the municipal corporation officials, the confusion among people was due to the change in the house tax policy. This policy was changed few months ago and MCG had started sending notices since the past fortnight.

The New Policy stated that people living in self-occupied houses do not have to pay property tax for the next two years (2008-09 and 2009-10). And those residents should pay tax for the period 2008-09 and 2009-10 only if their houses were rented out and not self occupied. Nevertheless, they will have to pay their house tax from the year 2010-2011.

Officials sending out house tax notices to the residents requested the tax payers to approach the citizen facility centre opposite Civil Hospital in the old city and pay tax through cash, cheque or demand draft or pay it online. The MCG has also planned to set up new tax centers in New Gurgaon.

Due to the lack of enough funds collected through tax payments in Gurgaon, the MCG has planned schemes to attract the taxpayers. A rebate in certain cases will be granted by the MCG to attract more number of tax payers.


How to pay property tax online Gurgaon?

Tax payer paying online tax for the first time:

A person has to register himself and create an ID by following the MCG page link. http://www.mcg.gov.in/ the link will also help figure out the precise location in Gurgaon. To know the location, he will have to fill in the details for the Colony, Ward, Zone, Police Station, Pincode and names of relevant functionary details.

Precise geographical locations of  any Colony, Ward, Zone, Police Station, Post Office or Pincode can also be figured out with a “map” option right below. To view the details through the map, one should enter details of all the sections mentioned.

Once the person enters the details in the boxes and clicks on the “go” tab, he will be given all the details below.

To directly pay the online tax:

Follow the link to view the Gurgaon online tax payment page. http://www.mcg.gov.in/MCGPortal/User/HouseTax2012.aspx

To view the Haryana Government notification, regarding the calculation of the property tax, follow the link. http://www.mcg.gov.in/MCGPortal/User/ULBNotification21-JUNE-2012.PDF

To view the collector rates for property tax as per the government, follow the link. http://www.mcg.gov.in/MCGPortal/User/CollectorRateNotification.PDF

To search proposed house tax assessment.


To directly download any property form you can follow


Start paying property tax online by downloading the self assessment form.


Save the form and fill in all the appropriate details.

Once the details are filled in, the user has to click on the submit button.

Fundamentals of online tax payment:

– The online property tax payment was launched in order to assign unique property identification code for every property in Gurgaon.

– The tax payment is simplified and is user friendly with online and offline help and only takes about two to three minutes.

– It monitors and updates the property tax arrears and penalties.

– It helps in dynamic calculation of late fees/interest amount.

– The online property tax rebates will be computed automatically depending on the day of filing of PTR/challan generation.

– Various payment facilities are integrated; credit card, ITZ cash, cash, cheque and DD at authorized CSB centres and other bank counters.