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christmas dinner

This Christmas, pamper your guests with a sparkling cocktail party or an extravagant fiesta with scrumptious meals. If you have planned to host a Christmas dinner party, get geared up with the planning and cooking procedures. To make your dinner party a little less strenuous, here are some tips.

Prior planning:

The planning of a Christmas party can be a daunting and scary prospect for many. A large number of guests cannot be treated if you don’t plan your party well. Plan accordingly about the food, decorations, table setting, etc.

Pre-event cleaning and organization:

Start decluttering your home. Throw away unwanted things and organize your home to make space for the guests. Glance through few magazines or online sites for thematic ideas of a Christmas dinner party. The themes can include; movie themes, humorous themes, Christmas carnival theme, 1940s theme and so on.


Like how you start planning for a Christmas party beforehand, the same way invite your guests on a prior basis. You can either get Christmas themed cards printed or mail them or by word of mouth. This will help you to know the number of people attending your party.

Sketching down the expenses:

Always stick to a budget before planning for a feast to avoid over spending.  Make a list of items and their costs to get a clear idea and cut down things which are not necessary.


Stay simplistic in your table decoration:

Never overburden your dining table with accessories and instead have only the required items and keep it simple. Decorate your table with the theme based table cover along with elegant candles on a candle stand. One can also have an attractive flower vase as a centerpiece. Arrange the chinaware accordingly in a simplistic manner. Do not forget to place return gifts on the table for your guests. Mirrors and candles along with a touch of couture can also serve as a great table decor.

Planning the feast:

You can either have a sit down dinner (formal) or organize a buffet (informal). Hire a cook if you think you’re very gauche at cooking. Plan the menu according to your guests’ likes and are easy to make. Also choose culinary which can be cooked fast so that you do not end up struggling near the stove instead of guffawing with your guests. Do not experiment any food at this occasion. The menu should include; drinks, starters, main course and desserts.

Plan for the entertainment:

Clubbing food with entertainment can make the party more happening and will let you spend more amount of time with your guests even after dinner. Games, music, plays or other activities can be organized for your guests.

Well, we hope these ideas will fill your Christmas dinner party with fun and frolic midst delicious meals