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High Court verdict on construction

Bangalore real estate is growing at a rapid pace and construction activities are happening on full swing – not only inside the city, but also in the outskirts. To address the related adverse effects of blazing real estate in the city, the Karnataka High court has come up with a set of regulations for construction activity. The purpose behind the regulations is that the residents of the city get less disturbed by the construction fervor.

The new verdict relaxes the earlier order which banned construction work between 6 pm and 8 am. The new verdict says that there are certain construction activities which are permitted between 6 pm-10 pm and between 6 am-8 am. Here is the list of activities which are permitted by the court.


6 AM to 8AM

6 PM to 10 PM

Earth work Ground levelling, bush clearance  Ground levelling
Shuttering work  Activity not allowed  Activity not allowed 
Steel typing works Placing, shifting and lifting of steel Placing, shifting and lifting of steel
Concreting work Curing of concrete Curing of concrete
Block and plastering work Mortar mixing, placing for block work, plaster  Mortar mixing, placing for block work, plaster 
Grills/alluminium fabrication works  Activity not allowed Activity not allowed
Tiles and granites Fixing of tiles, cutting is not allowed Installation of tiles, granites, cutting is not allowed 
Electrical and other services  Wiring works, testing  Wiring and testing 
Painting  Primer and paint Primer and paint
Landscaping  Planting and watering Planting and watering
Transportation of materials to site, removal of debris  Transportation of construction materials to site Removing debris from site and transportation

CREDAI agrees to bring down the noise

The relaxation came as a relief for the developers, who had accepted to adopt the code of ethics undertaken by the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India (CREDAI), Bangalore and use machinery to adopt to minimize the noise.

The earlier decision of the High Court was in response to public interest litigation (PIL) filed regarding the noise that residents have to endure due to construction work. As apartments, malls, townships are being increasingly built up in the city, it has become necessary to address the problems related to the construction activities. Now that the order is being revised, hopes are anew that developers can continue with the construction while causing least disturbance to the residents.