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new years eve

Would you like to celebrate this New Year peacefully with your family or partying with your friends at a club?

If you are looking forward to celebrate this New Year with your family, here are some interesting ideas.

Throw a party:

Nothing can be better than a gathering midst fun and frolic. If you are residing in an apartment, make a guest list and send invitations to the concerned people including the venue and time.

Plan the culinary:

The main aspect to focus on while treating your guests would be the feast. Plan on what you will be serving your guests and consider their tastes. The menu should have starters, main course, desserts and beverages. You can have a concept of end-of-the-year meal (before the clock strikes 12). It is always better to prepare the feast in advance to avoid spending your New Year’s Eve in the kitchen.

Beautify your home:

Decorate your home or the party space to create a festive atmosphere. You can decorate your home with items like streamers, balloons, colorful bulbs, candles, flowers, ribbons, stars, embedded strings and confetti.

Sparklers and firework:

When the clock strikes 12 o’ clock, begin the new year with sparkly fireworks. Make sure that you don’t cause nuisance to your neighbours by bursting too many noisy crackers.

Happy-New-YearToast the celebration:

Non alcoholic drinks like apple cider and others can be toasted during the event.  Sparkling apple cider can also cheer up the children as they will not miss on the toast. Consider making your own signature drink for the event.

Talent night:

Organise activities such as crafts, karaoke, dancing, poetry and storytelling. Have a theme for each activity; for e.g. the craft work can be made out of recyclable materials. Also you can think of playing games based on themes.

Have a resolution hour:

Ain’t we curious to know others’ resolution for the new year? Knowing people’s New Year resolution would be quite interesting as it will help people to know each other better. Dedicating few hours for sharing each others’ resolutions will make the event more memorable.

A charity event with family:

If you prefer to have a peaceful and virtuous celebration, get to your nearest orphanage or an old age home and offer food or present gifts.


No event ends without prayers. All the family members can gather and pray together.