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With the greater advancement of technology and legal aspect in every city, Delhi will very soon adopt the property tax passbook method for its citizens.

The passbook will contain all the relevant information about the related people. In short, it is a file containing all the relevant details which will make the process easier. This contemporary method was initiated by the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) in order to maintain a thorough check over the property management systems.

Currently, this proposal is still under the implementation process and will be very soon implied after the approval from the concerned authorities. Apparently, the areas of North, South and East Delhi are being provided with the paper receipts by the municipal corporation.

How will it be useful?

  • The property tax payment passbook will make it easier by maintaining a track record of payments as compared to the earlier system, where the tax payment receipts were easily misplaced. Also this passbook will have a unique identification number which will be allotted to the tax payers in the form of an account number.
  • The initiation of a passbook will facilitate proper recording of tax payments made by the payees.
  • The property tax passbook will be a proof of timely tax due settlements
  • The initiation of the property tax passbook will also reduce the harassment take place when a receipt is lost.
  • The passbooks will also be issued to the shopkeepers, which will make it easier for them for the payment.