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hyd metro

Hyderabad– With the plan of initiation metro in Hyderabad, The Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) has decided to uproot more than 320 trees to create space for  the multi-level parking facilities in the city centre. However, environmentalists are worried about the increased air pollution and the lack of lung space in the city post metro.

Permission to uproot the 320 trees was sought by the HMR authorities along with an application being filed with the Andhra Pradesh forest department regarding the removal or relocating of 105 trees in Punjagutta, 160 trees in Errummanzil Colony, 18 trees near Hi-Tec City in Madhapur and 45 trees in Balanagar. A final call will be taken on November 28 by The Tree Protection Committee (TPC), which met on November 15.

Around 25 locations in different parts of the city were chosen by the  metro officials for the  multi- layered parking facilities with skywalks, lifts or escalator merging between the metro stations and parking areas.  According to forest officials, the decision will be taken as per the  WALTA Act, 2002 conserving and protecting the water bodies, ground water, trees and land. The trees will be uprooted only if it is necessary and rare species will be relocated if needed.