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A study room is a place that entirely belongs to you, whether you study or read your favourite novels or do your office work. In order to create the perfect study room for your kids, tremendous planning is needed. The decor of the room not only brings style and standard but also influences your kids’ learning and concentration. There are a few ideas and styles to be implied while structuring the room, placing furniture, ventilation, lighting, flooring, paint colors, wall patterns, room surroundings, room location and other related materials. Read below to know how to create the perfect study room:


The study room should have proper ventilation. You should have at least one window in your kids study room that can keep the room fresh, airy and bright always. Moreover your child will feel ease and free in an open room.


You should not clutter the study room with too many furniture. The height of the study table should be according to the height of your kids. A straight and comfortable chair will avoid your children having sore back. A soft chalk board and a table to keep all the study materials should be preferably the best furniture for your kid’s study room. Wooden tables are more preferable as they are steady.

Lights and accessories:

Ensure your kid’s study room have bright lights. A reading lamp should be placed on the table. This is to help lessen the stress on your kid’s eyes when studying for long hours. If necessary you can place a computer in your kid’s room for reference and home works. The table should have enough drawers to keep stationary items.

Colour and wall decoration:

Use light colours for your kids study room such as white, blue, off-white or pastel colours also can be used. Do not use dull or flashy colours, instead use colours which soothe the eyes. To be more creative, globe or mathematical formulas can be drawn on the opposite sides of the table placed. That can break the monotonousness of a regular study room.

Noise proof:

Study needs concentration and concentration comes with peace and silence. While studying your kid should be able to focus totally on studying than getting distracted with outside noise. So you can soundproof the windows and walls and you can use soundproof curtains also to keep the outside world outside.

Go green:

To increase oxygen flow, you can place a small plant in the room. This will make your kid more relaxed and fresh. Do not overdo it with lot of plants, that can break the essence of the room.

Ambiance and furniture play a major role in creating a perfect study room. Create a study room which will helps your child to think freely. Have nice study time!