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apartmet association

Does your apartment society lack interaction and revellry? Well, here is a best way to network and paint the town red together by organising an event in an apartment society. This can be done through a careful planning by the association members. Either the association members or the residents can bond together and organise activities for the welfare of the association.

Here are some ideas:

Reveal your gastronomic skills:

A cooking event can be organized in an apartment society wherein a theme can be given for the participants. The culinary should be based on the theme and should be judged accordingly. An association can also have an outdoor cooking competition if there is enough space.

Splash your way:

This might seem one of the best ideas for party freaks. An association can conduct a pool party in their apartment. Have a theme for the invitations, decoration, attire, music, food and gifts. The best time to do this would be during summer and pool parties can be great for children.

Attest your talent:

The association can organize a talent show and have different competitions organized. Different people with the knack of presentation can be allotted to anchor the show.

Organize a mystery party:

A set of people can enact any scene from movies or popular plays. A committee can plan the story, clue and suspects. One can enact the plots of Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Emma or any Indian mythological stories.

Host a fund raising event:

The best way to generate charity in an apartment association is to organize a charity event. People from the housing society can put in their talents and raise funds to help other members. Activities like cooking, arts and crafts, designing, painting and others can be taken up. Also the association can organize a sporting event and find local sponsors and advertisers who will contribute to the charity.

Organize a pet party:

You can organize a pet party wherein all the residents can bring their pets and show off their talents. This is an interesting activity for children in an apartment.