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The ‘to-do’ list when you break up is fairly extensive. Return or keep gifts? Who gets the house? What to do about the stuff we have in each others houses? What about the dog? kids? car? Can I ever listen to ‘that’ song again?

And as if all that wasn’t traumatic enough, Facebook has helpfully added one more item to that list: What do we do about our couple’s page?

Yes. That’s right. Couple’s Page.


“But we don’t have one”, you might smirkily say.

Oh yes you do. Just go to http://www.facebook.com/us (which the Telegraph has already christened the cheesiest web address ever) and prepare to be dazzled! horrified! happy! (Well, you get the drift)

What’s going on here exactly?

Well remember how you proudly told the world that you were in a relationship with Mr or Miss Right by updating your status on Facebook? Well Facebook has taken that information and created a special page just for you, detailing all the photographs you have together, all the status updates in which you mention each other, all the things you did together and a list of other cringe-worthy details that you may have listed during the first flushes of your relationship.

You didn’t ask for it? That’s irrelevant.

And no there is no ‘We broke up’ button.

The only way out as far as we can see is that you ‘break up’ on Facebook, block your significant ex and live a virtual life without him/her in it. Or delete your Facebook account and forever be a social outcast.

And if you think that being single has saved you, you’re wrong again. In addition to the couple’s page, you can also enter the names of any two individuals and see their ‘relationship’ on Facebook. Yes that’s right. Stalking became a whole lot easier.

The move by Facebook has predictably elicited a great deal of outrage all over the Internet. Emma Barnett of the Daily Telegraph said, “It makes me want to retch” while Eileen Brown of ZDNet said it creeped her out.

Really, this time has Facebook gone too far?