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Starting November 8, most popular social network of the world Facebook has introducing a redesign of “friendship pages” that show two users’ history on the social network in Timeline format. According to the the official Facebook blogpost, Friendship pages will now combine posts, photos and events that a account holder has entered and another person in the friend list has shared.

Friendship pages display users’ mutual friends, Likes, photos and interactions on Facebook. With the new Timeline layout, these pages are now easier to navigate and match the latest design of other pages and profiles. The update also gives users more options to customize the pages and a more complete look at shared activity between two friends.

The user will have to click on the gear menu at the top of a friend’s timeline to see a friendship page. If obersved carefully, the new Friendship Pages are similar to the Timeline profile page and automatically filled with events, photos, likes, mutual friends, and statuses that the people have shared.

Friendship Pages are the pages you see if you click the little gear on a friends profile and then choose the See Friendship icon. With the new update, you can opt to “Share Friendship” that will post a page about you and whoever that friend is.

Friendship pages first debuted in October 2010, after beginning as a Hackathon project. Users can navigate to friendship pages by visiting a friend’s profile and clicking the gears icon and then “See friendship.” From News Feed, users can hover over a friend’s name and click “See friendship” from the hovercard that appears. Once a user is on a friendship page, they can click the “More” button and type in the name of any two friends.