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We spend so much of our time at work. It is the time of the day we are more active. But most of the people don’t consider the workplace as ‘their space’ in the same way they consider their homes. Many people think of workplace as a place where they must spend their time quickly. Rushing through work often robs us of the pleasure work and the happiness. The office should feel like a home away from home.

A vastu friendly environment at your workplace can help foster a strong harmonious relationship between you and your colleagues. Wonderfully, you will start finding satisfaction in your work. Do not ever think of your workplace as temporary place that does not belong to you. Wherever you work at present, is your space. Treat it with care, put vastu principles into your space and it will nurture you.

Maintain harmonious relationship with your employees. It will improve overall performance of your company. To ensure good management, give due regard to the personal necessities of your employees regarding physical and mental health, dress, eatables, religious and social rites, ceremonies, higher studies, residence and family etc. become friendly with your neighbours. We are all interconnected and divine. Don’t harbor any grudge against anybody. Otherwise, you and your business will suffer in the long run.


The workplace should be spacious with roads approaching in all the directions. Corner plots are good for business activities. There should be scope for horizontal and vertical growth in the future. The shape of your plot should be regular like a square or a rectangle. If the shape of your business place is not perfect, it is advisable to consult a vastu expert and implement necessary changes to harmonize the imperfections in energy caused by improper shape.

Taller building or a flyover should not overshadow the property. A smaller building between two large buildings is not a good place for business activities. The owner will always feel suppressed and oppressed. Avoid complexes built of heavy stones or reinforced cement concrete or which are too much metallic. They drain your electromagnetic energies and one feels drained. Exposure to such materials over a long period of time tends to cause health problems.

The business place should be easily approachable. Corner buildings, shopping plazas, roundabouts and places near modes of transportation are ideal spaces for doing business.


There should be no obstruction to the main entrance of your commercial space. It should be wide open to invite the customers/clients. A wide opening in the front side will give the better results. The wider is the face of your work place, the more will be number of clients. Use clear glass so that full view of your workplace is clearly visible to every passerby. This is the best method for publicity of your products.

Dark coloured glasses are not good. They should be used where people sitting inside want privacy, safety and security. Dark coloured glasses can be used where there is no direct dealing with the public or the right of admission is reserved. Creaking or broken doors should be strictly avoided and if there should be repaired immediately.

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