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Unleash your creative skills and save money this Diwali by making your own mesmerizing colorful Diwali lanterns rather than buying from the market. Here’s how you go about it;

Tip: Engage the little ones from your home to make Diwali lanterns as this is a great indoor activity which involves creativity.


Get hold of a frame which will be used as the foundation of a lantern. Cut your desired number of large diamond shapes out of a cardboard based on the size of the lantern. Using a tape, fix the sides of each at the edges and create a pentagon, octagon or a hexagon. A substitute for cardboard is stiff magazine covers.


Take a dozen of tissue papers and soak them in a mixture of fevicol/glue and water. Coat the frame with this mixture using a thick paintbrush which will give a neat texture as well as will provide a surface to stick other embellishments.


For homes with children in it, glue might not be a safer option, in such cases you can make use of a double sided tape which will be safe as well as convenient and will give a 3D effect to your lamp.

Recycled materials:

While cutting out the diamond shaped patterns, you can make use of recycled cards rather than fresh cardboards. Also pictures from old greeting cards, magazines and likes can be used to paste on the lantern.

Make them shiny:

Shiny and glittery things often get instant attention. To make your lamp more attractive, you can make use of single or double colored glitters. Avoid using synthetic glitter paint and instead go with tinsels, sequins or colorful ribbons to decorate. Do not hesitate to try your own creative embellishments.


If you feel like personalizing your lamp, you can either make your own signature styled decorative items or paste a family photograph on the lamp.