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From Big Bird memes to voters Instagramming photos from the polls, 2012 marked the first truly social presidential election. Election day and night proved no different.

Twitter confirmed that Election Day was the most tweeted-about U.S. political event ever, with more than 32 million tweets in 24 hours. On Facebook, the top three most mentioned terms among U.S. users on Election Night all dealt with Barack Obama.

Here’s a look at how Election Night happened on social media sites.

After a close contest, Barack Obama claimed victory over Mitt Romney on his Twitter feed shortly after the major networks called the election in his favor.

  1. Twitter Reacts as Networks Call Presidency – Election 2012
  2. Much of the social media activity on Election Day — and throughout the campaign — was dominated by Obama supporters. Among other potential reasons for this dominance, social sites tend to skew liberal. A recent study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project found that 79% of liberals use social networking sites. In contrast, only 63% of conservatives do the same.
  3. On Facebook, the top mentioned terms on Election Day were “Obama,” “Vote/Voted,” and “Romney.” On Election Night, the top three mentioned terms were “Obama,” “4 more years / 4 years,” and “President / President Obama.”
  4. Democratic women also had a big night. Come January, more women will serve in the Senate than at any time in history. Two contests of note: Democrat Elizabeth Warren unseated Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown, and in Wisconsin, Rep. Tammy Baldwin, a Democrat, defeated four-time governor Tommy Thompson.