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Diwali decoration

Give your apartment a dazzling and stunning look this Diwali alongside welcoming the goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi. There are innumerable ideas one can adopt to decorate their apartment exteriors and interiors for Diwali. From candles to diyas, flower decorations, torans, string lights, rangoli, idols of various gods and goddesses can be put in and around the apartment. Here are few tips;

Bedroom decoration:

If your apartment bedroom is painted in dark colour and you are craving to make it look bright, you can first get it repainted with a bright colour and opt for colourful upholstery. Get some bright coloured throws, cushions and curtains to decorate your bedroom. You can also make use of your old and colourful saris to make your bedroom look unique.

Decorate with bells and chimes:

Irrespective of the season and the place, bells can always be used as creative embellishments alongside lit diyas. You can hang the bells in the corner of your apartment rooms and place diyas alongside. Get a pair of attractive metal/glass chimes and hang them on the wall outdoors. The bells should be hung at different heights so as to give the room a distinctive effect.

Have paper lanterns all over your apartment:

Get creative or search online for paper lantern designs and get going with it. Make few simple rice paper lanterns and hang them all over your apartment.

Candles and diyas:

Since candles and diyas are the prominent objects of Diwali, you can buy an array of colourful, designed aromatic candles along with diyas. You can also decorate the diyas with paint and coloured paper. Also place candles in your lawn, balcony and garden. If you have a large water bowl or a pool in your apartment, you can have floating diyas to create an aesthetic look.

Diwali flowers

Decorate with flowers:

Decorating your apartment with flowers will make your apartment look beautiful and fragrant. Drape your curtains, railings and passageways with bright, sweet smelling flowers. Have a large bowl filled with a mixture of rosewater and petals in the focal point of your apartment. Have exclusive and elegant flower vases placed with flowers in them.

Diwali floor art:

Follow the art of drawing images and figures on the floor and decorate it with colourful chalk, sawdust, flowers, coloured salt, coloured grain and other creative materials. Do not forget to make the holy symbol of Mangal Kalash, goddess Lakshmi’s footsteps at the entrance of your home.

Colourful lights:

Fancy your home with colourful lights and decorate the exterior walls of your apartment with string lights. Decorate your garden with string lights along with flower strings. Mount a striking chandelier in your living room.

Accessories to use:

Reposition the apartment furniture and give your rooms a new look. Also place bright coloured paintings on the walls along with elegant curtains and cushions. One of the most popular accessories for Diwali is the Torans. They can be hung at the entrance door, arches and prayer rooms. Make them even more attractive with mirrors and bells.

Pooja decoration:

Ensure that you decorate your apartment appropriately with idols of lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi. Have the idols embedded with scented flowers along with a neatly arranged pooja thali.