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Diwali, the festival of lights, is just around the corner. Everyone is eagerly looking forward for the arrival of the festival. Diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil and chase away darkness. Hence during Diwali, children as well as adults play with fireworks, burst crackers, etc. However, practicing a safe Diwali is very important. Here are some do’s and don’ts;

–> Wear cotton clothes and avoid wearing synthetic/loose attires in the presence of fire crackers.

–> Children should always be attended by adults and should be supervised by adults in terms of using fireworks and crackers.

–> The instructions on the box of crackers should be clearly read and the crackers should only be burnt outdoors.

–> It is advisable that you use eco-friendly crackers of good brands. Maintain a safe distance while lighting them.

–> A first aid box should always be kept within reach. Adults should avoid consuming alcoholic drinks while lighting firecrackers.

–> The immediate act in case of a burn would be to pour cold water on the wound.

–> Any cracker which hasn’t burst shouldn’t be re-lighted for the second time and instead should be put away in water.

–> Set a time limit to burn the crackers and once all the crackers are burnt, make a pile and put them in the water.

–> One should protect themselves by wearing closed shoes along with glasses and covered clothes.

–> The crackers should be lit in an open ground rather than an enclosed space away from wiring or obstructions. They should be lit away from combustible objects.

–> Organise a community display of fireworks rather than individual burning of crackers.

–> Avoid using matches and lighters for lighting crackers as they have open flames which can be dangerous.

–> Avoid placing the fire cracker in a direction facing any opening like an open window, door or an open building which may cause fire accidents.

–> Wear earplugs while exposed to explosive crackers. Store your fireworks safely and keep your pets away from the noise.

–> It is advisable to buy as little firecrackers as possible, because that can help us spend less and can also stop us from polluting our environment.

What should be done in case of an accident?

Despite all the precautions followed, if there are still accidents;

–> For minor burns, pour cold water on the wounds.

–> Antiseptic creams or natural products like aloe vera, turmeric and others can be applied.

–> The wound can be treated with a bandage.

–> If clothing catches fire, drop yourself on the ground and roll.

–> In severe cases, rush to the hospital.