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With Diwali just around the corner, you must be wondering how to celebrate this festival of lights in a unique way. Read more to find out how you can celebrate Diwali in a unique way;

Home decoration:

Apart from cleaning and flower decoration, you can hang a bell at the entrance of your home which can act as a door chime and also you can also put colorful rangoli based on themes on the floor to give your home a unique ambiance.

Diwali with flowers:

Get to the nearest florist and buy a bunch of colorful, sweet smelling flowers for your home decoration. You can buy flowers from strings to blooms which can be hung on walls and stair railings of your home. Decide a theme and arrange the flowers accordingly.

Diwali with gifts:

Buy gifts for your loved ones. You can add your signature motif to the gifts you are giving away. Motifs like a peacock feather for good luck and others can be added.

Diwali with ethnicity:

If you have decided to drape ethic attire, that’s well and good, but in case your dress doesn’t depict ethnicity, add an ethnic touch to it.

Diwali with bonfire:

Not many of us have an idea about creating a Diwali bonfire. A bonfire can be created in any space with twigs and lumber pieces. The best time to create a bonfire would be post evening along with family, snacks, tea and some games.

Diwali mehendi afternoon:

To add charm to the festival, you can organise a mehendi night or a mehendi afternoon and invite all your friends. This will create an exquisite festive mood.

Hope these unique ideas help you celebrate a fabulous Diwali!