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Devaragattu temple festival  Aluru in Kurnool district.

Devaragattu temple, devoted to Mala Malleswara Swamy, is located on a hillock in the forest area, 12 km from Aluru.

The ancient temple attracts a huge crowd from scores of villages in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh for its Dasara festival. Around one lakh devotees were expected to have gathered every year.

According to folklore, lord Siva took the form of Bhairava to kill two rakshasas– Mani and Mallasura. He killed the two demons by fighting with sticks and ensured that there was no problem to the humanity.
People consider that severe injuries leading to oozing of blood, during the fight with sticks, are a good omen. In accordance with the belief, villagers of Neladiki, Neraniki thanda and Kothapet — representing the followers of the lord, at midnight on Dasara, take the idols of Mala Malleswara Swamy from Devaragattu to their respective villages when villagers of Ellarti, Arikera, Maddigeri, Nitranatta, Sulavai and Hebbetam, representing the followers of demons, obstruct them.
In this process, both groups fight ferociously with sticks. However, none of the groups file cases against the other despite severe injuries. Though they fight hard on this day, they bear no personal grudge against each other

The police registered cases every year in the past when villagers indulged in serious violence to settle old scores and committed murders under the guise of the temple procession.

Now, the procession is taken out in the light from the giant wicks held by devotees. In the melee nobody knows what is happening and who is getting injured by whose attack.

The injured turned up at the medical camp set up on the premises which was shunned a few years ago. The injured used to smear powder to the injuries rather than disinfectants.


video from devargattu – TV9