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There are 1.1B people in India that don’t have access to the internet. That’s a pretty big number. Our guess is that at least 900M people out of this unconnected population have no clue as to what the internet even is. And when they do come online, it will be mobile first. Never in the world has this happened – India will be the world’s first mobile digital population.

When we look at the internet space in India today, there are quite a few companies focused on the Indian market on their way to success. Some prominent ones that have copied successful models from the western market are Flipkart, SnapDeal etc. If you look at their growth over the last year, its been impressive. These companies are capitalizing on the 100M odd consumers on the internet. Question is how do these guys capitalize on the next wave of growth in this country? i.e Mobile. A lot of people think building for mobile is simply building a ‘mobilized version of a site is enough’. For some industries, thats actually true but for most it isn’t. Take India for example, for the vast mobile population you cannot build a mobilized version because they’ve never witnessed a PC in their life.

The experience on mobile is very different – its very personal, its real-time, its a lot more aware.

For a country of 900M unconnected people with a lack of knowledge of the internet, the question we asked ourselves is how does one build services for such a population? After spending months at this, I must say its a big challenge, one we hope to tackle by building some phenomenal products.

We’re extremely enthusiastic and excited at what lies ahead.