As far as an external observer can tell, they simply copy a successful business model from outside India and make minor twDoes Flipkart innovate?Imageeaks (like Cash-on-Delivery) to suit the Indian context. Can someone list real innovations that came from Flipkart?

Adding some context to clarify the kind of innovation I’m talking about. Here are some examples of what I consider innovation:

1. Amazon: 1-click orders, Kindle, Read/search inside a book, personalized recommendations (this doesn’t work very well but still)
2. Google: the search engine!!

Note that most of these weren’t invented by Amazon or Google, but they figured out a better way to use/implement those ideas.

Doing something that’s already been done before, without making it better/more efficient, is not innovation. As for Cash-on-Delivery, or an in-house courier service, if Flipkart has found a way to do it for cheaper than what it costs FedEx (not what FedEx would charge them) to do it, then yes they have found a better/more efficient way to do something and that would count as an innovation.

If I cook Italian food at home simply because I don’t want to pay restaurant prices, that’s not innovation. If I do it in a way that either the food is better than what the restaurant serves, or the overall experience for my spouse (“the customer”) is better than at the restaurant, then, yes, it is innovation